PlayAd Media Group is a digital media company with a complete solution for online video.

In 2009, PlayAd Media Group (PMG) launched one of Sweden’s first video ad format. PMG was also first in Sweden to offer a video ad format based on CPV (Cost Per View), a payment model which is now an industry standard. Today, PMG is a leading provider of online video in the Nordic countries.

Through the proprietary technology platform ad10, all existing video ad formats (video-in-banner, video-in-stream and video-unlock) is offered cross screen in one of the Nordics largest premium network of websites.

In addition to the distribution of video ads in our network, our creative department PlayAd Studios offer digital campaign productions. We also provide campaign planning, optimization, hosting, reporting, measurement and monitoring.

PMG has developed a syndicated web TV platform, YouPlay, that enables publishers to share and publish their own content as well as premium content from PMG’s affiliated content providers, such as the TT News Agency, Anagram, KeyTV, United Screens, World Sports, Look & Cook, Getty images, AFP and

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